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Who We Are

We are neighbors....

Our goal, as Kamm’s Cat Guardians, is to educate and advocate for the stray and feral cat population in the Kamm’s Corners Neighborhood and to do it in such a way to benefit not only the cats, but those who love them and those who don’t.

TNR (Trap - Neuter - Return) will help make feral cats better neighbors. Neutered males make dramatically less noise as the result of reduced mating behavior and eliminate the foul odors caused by their spraying; female cats will do less howling.  Plus neutered cats roam much less so they are less visible and there are no more litters of kittens.  

Why We're Here

Cats…everywhere it seems. Whether you love them or hate them, the one undeniable fact is that we ALL want to see less of them. The GOOD thing about feral cats is that they are actually an essential part of the ecosystem by keeping the rodent population at bay. In fact, some companies and cities have feline “employees” to do just that…and eliminating the need for toxic chemicals.

The BAD thing about feral cats is that they may eat a bird at your birdfeeder, they may use your mulch as a litter box and one pair plus all their kids may produce up to 420,000 offspring in 7 years. But there is a way the community can come together to ensure a reduction in the feral cat population if we are all willing to work together and learn the best methods available to reach this goal.

What We Do

So here is what we CAN do:

  • Assist with TNR, also known as Trap-Neuter-Return, by loaning traps and providing information

  • Provide an information packet containing directions for trapping and a list of resources.

  • Assist with actual trapping and transport if elderly or disabled.

  • Support TNR efforts with educational materials via the Facebook page, website and PetFinder site.

  • Provide instructions and materials for winter shelters for those caring for feral cats (known as Colony Guardians) and provide guidance on how to prevent those ferals from becoming a nuisance to neighbors.

  • Maintain a confidential registry of those colony guardians so there can be a sharing of duties and to provide respite relief.

  • Provide whatever information we have for TNR services outside of the Kamm’s Corners Neighborhood.

  • Conduct periodic TNR workshops.

  • Provide information on how to deter cats from gardens and birds.              

Here is what we CANNOT do:

  • We will not take in cats, we are NOT a rescue.We only list kittens or cats on our PetFinder page that have been trapped as a part of the TNR process and were unclaimed strays or feral cats that have been socialized to live inside with humans.

  • We cannot provide any assistance with personal pets.

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